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Manual Lymphatic Cleansing

Gentle, rhythmic, specialty techniques that manually manipulates the Lymphatic System; our body’s “garbage disposal”.  Lymphatic congestion can take on many forms, such as: chronic swelling, sinus, skin and digestive congestion plus poor circulation and fatigue can be addressed with Manual Lymphatic Cleansing sessions.

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is chronic (long term) swelling (edema) of a body part, most often in  the extremities. Lymphedema can set on as a result of common health  challenges such as: lymph node removal, radiation, heart conditions,  trauma, infections, etc… Treatment of Lymphedema consists of a 4 part  Complete Decongestive Therapy Program (CDT).  The goal of therapy is to  reduce swelling and maintain the reduction.

Medical/Rehabilitative Manual/Massage Therapy

An approach to treatment that is outcome based. The majority of the session focuses on a(n) specific area(s) of limitation and/or pain and discomfort.  Physical improvement can be qualitatively measured.  Functional and performance based restrictions are addressed.

Older Adult, Geriatric Massage

touch, relaxation and comfort can help ease aches, pains and health conditions commonly associated with the process of aging. Research shows massage positively affects health concerns such as: hypertension, anxiety and depression and poor circulation, just to name a few.

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