I was diagnosed with lymphangitis after contracting Lyme from a tick bite on the inside of my right knee.  Little did I understand at the time that this was a life-changing event that would have to be actively managed for the rest of my life.  A former marathon runner, now I had massively swollen legs and screaming pain in my knees that put me in a wheelchair for almost a year, followed by walking on crutches for another 2+ years.  Now, 6 years later, I still have low-grade chronic pain and swelling of both legs with the occasional acute flair that puts me back on crutches. 

I contracted Lyme and was treated by a number of lymph specialists for about 4 years back in the Boston area, where this all happened.  I moved to NM a couple years ago, and just started seeing Patricia a few months ago.  She is spectacular – both in her knowledge and her style – far superior to the lymph therapists I was seeing back East, not only in the results she gets for you but also her education and coaching for improved self-care.  She has completely changed my life and my outlook on life. ~SH



After Patricia did a wonderful combination of manual therapy and lymph treatment everything changed in my body. My sinuses were not clogged and my digestion improved! My shoulders and neck were much more flexible and the circulation in my legs was better (I sit at a computer all day). I have had bodywork before but this was really special- I left feeling lighter and really good in my body and spirit- not sore or fatigued, just bliss in a grounded way! Thank you Patricia! ~Louise



I have benefited from Patricia’s skilled hands and open heart more than I can put to words.  ~Belinda



I felt wonderful after our last session! I felt in the flow and flexible. It seemed my body was rejuvenated! ~Karen



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