Compression Garments and Support Stockings

What are Compression Garments and Support Stockings?

Compression garments are elastic pieces of clothing: socks, thigh highs, sleeves, gloves, etc… designed with specific compressive strengths to help improve circulation and vein and lymphatic valve function. Garments come in various styles, strengths and sizes. Compression garments are designed to be “breathable”, light-weight and comfortable. The strength of a garment is measured in millimeters of Mercury – mmHg; the greater the number, the greater the strength. There are numerous garment companies throughout the world. Three top companies include:

I, personally, am a Juzo retailer but I am familiar and have worked closely with Jobst and Medi, as well.  The specific style, mmHg (strength) and size will depend on the individual’s situation. A diabetic may need compressive socks; someone with severe skin challenges could use silver infused knee highs and prevention and maintenance of swelling during pregnancy equals support thigh highs or pantyhose.